Produktyf CRM is a free application offering basic set of functionality free of charge (with some limits). However in order to support cost of development certain advanced functions (as well as removal of some item limits) need to be purchased through in-app purchases. 

For more information on features and prices please see "Features and Prices" table on the Produktyf web site: (scroll to the bottom of the page).

All purchases made inside the application are linked to your BlackBerry ID and stay linked even after the application is removed from your device or reinstalled. 

In an event when you delete the app from your device and reinstall (or install to a different device) the features need to be re-authorized.

Warning: Deleting the application from your device will erase all data stored inside the application. Please ensure you have a recent backup of the data file before removing the app.

To re-store all previously purchased features follow the steps below:

  1. Ensure your BlackBerry ID (in device settings) is the same BlackBerry ID you used to make original feature purchases.
  2. Open Produktyf CRM and bring up the application menu (swipe down from the top of the screen to bring app menu)
  3. Select Features to go into "Premium Features" screen
  4. Press "Refresh" button on the top-right of the screen 
  5. Allow some time for application to contact BlackBerry World and check your prior purchase status. When successful all features which have been previously purchased will show "Purchased" next to them.

You can now use all features which have been previously purchased.

There is no limit on how many devices you can enable purchased features as long as all the devices are using the same BlackBerry ID.